Australian Commission

My first wedding commission was for a gorgeous Sydney based couple who married in New Zealand earlier this month.   I first met the bride to be last summer when she visited my studio in Dublin.   Kat  Stanley is an amazing photographer and was on a brief trip to Ireland to shoot a friend’s wedding. 

On her return to Sydney I was delighted to hear from Kat who wanted to commission a portrait of herself and her husband to be.   He has the most amazing big beard and I just know it was going to be a fun project to work on.  Especially when  I learnt that her influence for this piece was inspired by the artist Joel Moore aka Mulga.   

Find out more about this colourful Artist on his Facebook page .

Kat had some very strong creative ideas and we worked closely together via Skype  to finalise the brief.  She emailed some photographs and I listened carefully to exactly what she wanted before the first sampling and sketches were made.   Due to time zones and other work commitments it took the best part of a month to complete and I enjoyed every minute of it.

After Kat's approved the final piece made it's way to her home in Australia.   She presented the picture to her husband on the morning of their wedding and thankfully he was very happy with the result!